ステファニーStephanie Bourgeois

What I enjoy about the learning environment at Able is that we truly are a family. Your native English teachers truly care about helping you reach your English goals, and can assist you with perfecting your grammar, speaking, reading, listening, and vocabulary skills. Our goal is to foster an exceptional leaning environment where students feel comfortable and inspired to learn. Furthermore, all of our classes are fine tuned to help you make the most out of your time at Able, and you will be amazed by how much you can progress. I love teaching speaking classes in particular because it is so much amazing to see students build their confidence and become completely comfortable expressing themselves clearly in English.

グロリアGloria Lai

The small class sizes at Able gives me the opportunity to provide students with individualized feedback. The intimate classes give students the chance to be creative, ask questions, and get involved in a comfortable learning environment. I encourage students to ask questions and to take control of their own learning. At Able, students are engaged in creative ways to utilize and practice their English. What I love about teaching English is getting to know my students and watching them succeed. My purpose is to help you thrive and reach your English goals.

ジェシカJessica Truong

After graduating from Simon Fraser University, I decided to pursue teaching abroad based on my interest in education and travel. It was through that experience that I learned the importance of the English language to those who do not reside in North America. After that experience, I returned home and began working at Able. Able has been a patient and welcoming work environment with teachers that really care about the outcome of their students. I particularly enjoy teaching speaking because it shows me all aspects of development from my students. I get to watch as they grow each week into more proficient speakers in a professional setting as well as in their casual everyday speech. Able and its students have inspired me to continue pursuing teaching EFL/ESL as a career!