TOEIC PART5実力判定模試②

Posted on 2019.08.16


11) If James Reiner officially resigns, Zaha Sidhu, the vice president of Operation, is expected to name Steve Goldin as the head of the division to ______ James Reiner.
(A) assign
(B) appoint
(C) succeed
(D) opt

12) "He's FIT!" ______ closes for maintenance, but members are informed a few days ahead of time in such instances.
a) occasional
b) occasionally
c) occasion
d) occasioned

13) The discounted _______ for the annual Easter kids event in Point Grey are valid only for admission on weekdays from April 15-20.
(A) ticket
(B) ticketing
(C) ticketed
(D) tickets

14) __________ emergencies, an operator must promptly take the standardized procedure and safely stop the attraction.
a) In case
b) If
c) While
d) In case of

15) The rice cake, or mochi, can be served in __________ ways, and is considered the most auspicious dish to eat on New Year's Day.
a) huge
b) myriad
c) major
d) variety

16) The Manek Society is hoping to get a clearer __________ of how microplastics affect marine ecosystems.
a) understandable
b) understand
c) understanding
d) understandingly

17) Vancouver has attracted a number of __________-thinking IT companies over the past decade.
a) beyond
b) forward
c) over
d) behind

18) Although Ms. Couture is new to the job, she found _______ doing all the tasks without supervision.
a) her
b) herself
c) hers
d) she

19) _____ it rained heavily most of the morning, the participants of a tour of Vancouver were upbeat.
a) Even though
b) As if
c) In spite of
d) However

20) BC Electricity recommends several energy-efficient solutions for __________ cool during the heat waved expected within a few days.
a) stay
b) staying
c) stayed
d) statable



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