TOEIC PART5実力判定模試第2弾③

Posted on 2020.03.11


21) Stephanie Haas ______ 10 years as a sue chef at Antonio's before she opened her own delicatessen.

(A) has spent
(B) spends
(C) had spent
(D) has been spending

22) The new promotional campaign initiated by our public relation department prove to be effective as the company ______ the highest profits in the last quarter.

(A) raised
(B) generated
(C) remained
(D) formed

23) The school head ______ parents of children's safety despite growing concerns over the dated school building structure.

(A) insured
(B) ensured
(C) assured
(D) sure

24) Do not miss an opportunity ______ a one-of-a-kind show that features exotic animals from all over the world!

(A) to see
(B) seeing
(C) saw
(D) sees

25) The forest fire that started just west of Banff National Part took two whole months to be completely _______.

(A) extracted
(B) contained
(C) destructed
(D) dissolved

26) _____ the company policy states that refunds and returns are not allowed in any case, the recently published brochure states otherwise.

(A) Throughout
(B) While
(C) Because
(D) Despite

27) Our customer service division __________ 10 customer service professionals who have more than ten years of experience in related industries.

(A) has comprised of
(B) consists
(C) is composed of
(D) are comprised of

28)Paul Martin, the Grammy Award winner two years ago, is ________ his new album inspired by his childhood experiences.

(A) replacing
(B) launching
(C) affecting
(D) expressing

29)The project team will discuss the feasibility of the project profitability objective __________ lunch.

(A) for
(B) during
(C) over
(D) in

30)The use of coupons is subject to __________ listed on the website.

(A) restrictive
(B) restrict
(C) restrictions
(D) restricting




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